Nxtgen Payment Experience

Biometric cards & Instant Issuance

Join the lively discussion as Mirko Koscina and André Løvestam explore the key findings from their after-pandemic experience within cards and instant issuance, recent consumer trends, and their implications for legacy banks businesses.


About the webinar

Recent events have connected us more than ever. As we make our way to a stronger future, new digital and payment solutions will bring us even closer together. Learn about the latest consumer and technology trends to support and evolve your future payments strategy during and after the pandemic times.

The discussion includes:

  • Card versus over cash trends, post Covid-19
  • Growing consumer expectations for instant payments
  • Increase of Contactless Payment and what it means for security
  • Changing of habits regarding bank branches
  • Enhancing Security in Contactless Payments with biometrics

Dear bankers, if you…

  • Want to stay up to date on payment method trends.
  • Are interested in learning how to improve your customer’s transaction experience.
  • Want to maintain or improve your competitiveness by learning about the latest technologies and innovations of payment cards.

Hosted by:

Mirko Koscina
be ys Pay - CEO

Mirko currently occupies the CEO position at be ys Pay. His drive for excellence and curiosity has led Mirko to accumulate over 11 years of experience working in information security, rendering him an expert in the electronic payment industry, cryptography and blockchain. He has led EMV card implementation for Visa, MasterCard and American Express products in different countries in Latin America and Europe. He has founded ICPayment SpA in Chile and Uruguay and Be ys Pay in France and Luxembourg. In addition, he is a researcher in cryptography and blockchain and a believer in sharing knowledge. Mirko is also a part-time teacher at the University of Savoie and an international consultant and conference speaker on cryptography, blockchain, payment media, payment security, fraud prevention and EMV technology.

André Løvestam
Zwipe - CEO

André joined Zwipe as CEO in March 2018 and has led the company through a milestone period, including public listings of the Stock Exchange in Oslo and Stockholm. Before Zwipe, his career features several Chief Executive Officer positions at Nordic ICT and FMCG companies, i.a. Orkla (Sætre AS), Tomra Europe, TeleComputing ASA.