Research and innovation,
our pillars

We have the support of experts and researchers specialized in cryptography and security who contribute to the orientation and development of leading products through cutting-edge technology.

Our philosophy is to focus on what matters most: the users. When we do this, we become the most innovative leaders in the industry and the first to find ways to do things differently.

Innovation and sustainability
go hand in hand

They are part of the research process to develop and reinvent environmentally friendly solutions.

We are strongly committed to the development of technological solutions that require less energy, with recyclable materials that reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Results that will benefit
your customers

We research in and out of the laboratory to quantify the success of our products, this methodology has allowed us to provide innovative solutions every day, such as…


The software that allows total control of central and distributed issuance, all managed from a single solution.

Instant Card Point

Software and hardware created to support our customers in contractualization and instant issuance.

Pin on glass

The technology that allows merchants to accept card payments via smartphones or tablets without the need of a keyboard.


We are pioneers in the creation of this technology, we differentiate ourselves from other tokenization solutions by offering our own token service provider compatible with international brands.

International award-winning

It is the only French company in its field to have integrated Openlab of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, a flagship of European R&D (along with Intel, Google, Oracle and Siemens).