How banks are improving instant card issuance through cloud-based solutions

What does cloud card issuance mean, and how banks can make a transition smooth with be ys Pay? Read on in our guide.

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The pace of change in the financial industry has reached hyper-speed. Thanks to blockchain, machine learning and cloud computing, among others, financial technology is no longer just about automating manual processes — it now focuses on redefining what it means to be a financial institution and reimagining the experience while focusing on it the customer journey. As a result, financial institutions must retake control of the processes that have been externalised to their parties to face the industry’s new challenges regarding the new customer’s expectations.

What is Instant issuance based on cloud technology?

“Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction” (Peter Mell (NIST), 2021)

Cloud technology allows banks to consume the technology infrastructure as a service. This new flexible and efficient infrastructure architecture offers scalability, redundancy, and uptime according to their business needs. For example, banks can perform card issuing, card processing, and transaction authorisation consuming just the resources needed for the size of their business based on cloud services. Furthermore, banks can directly manage their core process thanks to this new service model rather than keep a third service provider services like card issuing.

As a result, banks can now manage the card issuance process internally without investing or controlling the infrastructure and service availability. The new banking era demands that the card issuers control their core business to adapt the service as fast as the market evolves. It is crucial to have the capacity to decide, in real-time, how, where, and how many cards we would like to issue to improve the card’s contractualisation and activation rate significantly. Hence, a new cloud-based card issuing service allows banks to take more conscious decisions regarding resources, costs, strategies, campaigns, and delivery times.

Secure and smooth transition.

Be ys Pay cloud-based card issuing service allows banks a secure and smooth transition from the old card issuance service to the new generation one. Thanks to the pre-configured EMV card profiles and its user-friendly graphic interface, EMV profiles and card graphic templates can be easily edited and configured for different applications. Thus, one or multiple smart card applications’ parameterisation becomes a simple task when using the card profiling concept and implementing it intuitively. This tool also allows applications to be selected and adjusted by simply “clicking and dragging” the graphic interfaces of the required data structures, giving the issuer complete autonomy to create new financial and value-added products.

Moreover, the cloud-based card issuance service allows the issuer to manage the issuer keys and certificates easily from one or multiple branches without needing to physically access the central processing service and comply with PCI DSS and PCI Card Production.

Take the lead on cloud card issuance.

In his article “Cloud Computing Use Cases for Banking and Investment Services, 2021”, Gartner describes how cloud use in banking has gained widespread acceptance. Even as some adopt “cloud-first” approach. 48% of banks have deployed cloud in one form or another. An additional 44% plan to deploy cloud in the next 12 to 18 months. This reflects the growing uptake of cloud, extending across all regions, business lines and — crucially — all use cases. The bottom line: Cloud is becoming an important component of banks’ and investment firms’ core application processes. Want to take back control of your cards from the moment of issuance? Schedule your appointment today and learn more about our solution!

Benefits of an instant card issuance service base on cloud technology:

  • Scale-up your business – integrating the solution in different parts of the world. Only pay for what you used – so it’s easier to scale up than on-premise
  • Server storage – Cloud computing solutions are offered by us, and we will be in charge of the server’s maintenance and security
  • Data security – Much better security and avoiding constant monitor security protocols
  • Data recovery – Bust disaster recovery is faster and easier
  • Interface – Friendly and straightforward, the bank can easily follow the card’s life cycle, in addition to personalising and encouraging its issuance and use.

How be ys Pay achieves an efficient and secure cloud-based card issuance process

Our card issuing service controls the production of smart cards according to the bank’s business model, adapting the issuance process to the most efficient model according to its operational reality (mass production, renewals, branch issuance, among others). In addition, with be ys Pay’s issuance technology, the bank will be able to issue all types of cards, from PVC, recyclable cards to metal and biometric cards.

The proposed service model is transparently integrated into the bank’s core processing system, enabling an agile deployment according to the requirements of each issuer. In addition, we can scale the service according to the needs of new products or printing technologies.

The technological solution is integrated to personalisation equipment for massive and instantaneous processes in the branch, the latter in attended or self-service models, for all currently available printing technologies.

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  • What is instant issuance base on cloud technology?
  • Secure and smooth transition.
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  • How be ys Pay achieves an efficient and secure cloud-based card issuance process
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